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Lincoln Meadows

Dress for P. E.

Students are required to be in school uniform for PE class (they do not switch out of regular uniform). We want all students to be as comfortable as the uniform allows on PE days! For this reason, we ask that girls dress in pants, shorts or a skort during PE week. If wearing a uniform jumper, the student must wear bicycle shorts under the jumper for modesty.
Please ensure that students are equipped with proper athletic footwear. Only athletic sneakers with non-marking soles are permitted for PE. Boots, loafers, flats, dress shoes, sandals, flip flops, slippers, crocs, Converse and heels are not safe nor appropriate footwear for physical activity. Shoes must also be secured on the student's feet (laces or Velcro). Any student that not wearing the proper footwear will not be allowed to participate in PE class for that period, and will lose points from their participation grade for the day.