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Lincoln Meadows

Dress Code Reminders

Dress of Choice and Spirit Days
American Academy students are required to wear the student uniform to school every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and ThursdayFridays are either a Spirit Day or a Dress of Choice Day.
Some basic rules for Dress of Choice and Spirit Days are:
  • No colored hair dyes
  • No costumes or pajamas
  • No offensive words or language in graphics
  • No open-shoulder tops (tank tops or spaghetti straps); shoulders must be covered.
  • No crop tops
  • No deep V-neck shirts
  • No short shorts
  • No short skirts
  • No heels (including wedges)
  • No open-toed shoes, sandals, flip-flops, or Crocs
  • No holes in clothing
  • Tops must cover leggings to fingertips
Parents should refer to the Student Uniform Policy for specific Dress of Choice Day limitations. 

Dress Code Reminders

This year, one of our areas of focus is being more consistent in our dress code and behavior expectations throughout the building. I wanted to help demonstrate consistency by underlining a few pieces of our Uniform and Dress Code policy so everyone has the information prior to school starting on Thursday. Thank you for supporting our efforts to provide clear and consistent boundaries and expectations for all our students!

  • Monday through Friday, Dennis AA hoodies and all AA Spirit Gear hoodies will be allowed.
    Middle School students will be allowed to wear, Monday - Friday, ANY and ALL school related / spirit gear sweatshirts. This includes any sweatshirt purchased from Dennis Uniform or Ambition Apparel, any sweatshirt purchased on a STEM trip, sweatshirts relating to Performing Arts, or a sweatshirt from any other school related activity or event. Our principals felt that by middle school the students have earned a bit more autonomy and want to recognize the transitional period between elementary and high school.
  • Beginning August 26, Fridays are either Spirit Days or Dress of Choice Days.
    The last Friday of each month is a Dress of Choice Day. All other Fridays are Spirit Days. For clothing guidelines and links to purchase Spirit Wear, click on the link above. Note that if students need to call home for a change of clothes on a Dress of Choice Day, they will temporarily lose the privilege and be required to wear a uniform for the following Dress of Choice Day.
  • Pants/shorts with holes are not allowed.
    While jeans with “stylish holes” are often easier to find (and certainly more popular), students should save those to wear on weekends and holidays. The AA Uniform Policy does not allow holes – even if the student wears tights or leggings underneath. (See the Uniform Policy, page 4, “Dress-of-Choice Day.”)
  • Shirts must be tucked in.
    Students will be reminded once or twice but then will be expected to follow the expectation. Students should also expect that every adult they see will say something about an untucked shirt throughout the year; we aren’t trying to “pick on” our kids, but we do want to help remind them and hold them accountable for following the expectations.