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Lincoln Meadows

Elementary Art (K-5)


Rotation 5: 1/7/2019- 1/31/2019


1st: Epic Shapes. After we observe different shapes and forms within Jacob Lawrence, “Parade” and Grant Wood, “Stone City in Iowa” we will play with the different geometric shapes we know and discover new organic shapes to create Kookie Long Leg Birds. We will identify characteristics of birds so that they can be represented through our art. We will also play with blending water colors in the background to create a sunset!


2nd: Clay, YAY! Put your smocks on and let’s get messy. We will be creating a mini pocket sculpture after we observe the work, “The Discus Thrower” and Auguste Rodin’s, “The Thinker”. We want to create a mini sculpture that empowers a skill that we have. We will learn about different clay skills like attaching pieces of clay as well as carving. After Ms. Moore cooks the clay we will paint them. Once the artists make the mini sculpture, they will create a place for it to live.  


3rd: Clay, Yay! We will be creating a coil snail. We will learn the clay techniques of slipping and scoring as well as how the elements of art work together to create pattern, balance and symmetry. After we create the snail Ms. Moore will have to cook it so that we can paint it. Clay can be very frustrating as it is a hard media to understand, however, this will be a great hands-on project for 3rd graders!


4th: The Art of Africa. This is an amazing project in which we get to be culturally influenced by African Masks. Although we will not make an African mask, we will use the concepts and significance to make that of our own. This is a hands-on project in which the artists will have to create a mask and at least 3 layers to go on top of one another to build it up. They will create a mask that represents “good fortune”


5th:  is continuing their inspired art by Amy Ringholz and are creating an eye-catching painting of an animal. We are first identifying high lights and low lights within a black and white photo then mixing acrylic paints together to create our own tints and tones. After the paint has dried, we will redefine bold black lines to make our animals pop.

Kinder: Silly Little Monsters. We get to read the book Little Shop of Monster and create our very own little monster. We will learn how to use lines and shapes to create textures and silly faces. We then will get to paint with acrylic cake paints to make them pop pop pop!