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Lincoln Meadows

Elementary Art (K-5)


Art Content K-5

Rotation 4: 11/18 – 12/20

1st Grade- Whooooooooo is learning about lines? Mini artists will be using the art element of line to create little snow owls on a branch. We will discover and discuss line elements within art such as, Henri Matisse, “ The Swan” and Georgia OKeefe’s shell paintings. We will use crayon, oil pastel and watercolor! 


2nd Grade- Creating a dream home will teach these young artists to identify architecture. As they come to learn that architecture is a building, they will also come to a better understanding of a symmetrical building vs. asymmetrical. We will use forms of ancient architecture (skyscrapers, columns, Parthenon, Himeji Castle in Japan, etc.)  to influence our own artwork.


3rd Grade- Focus on an object: Creating a focal point by using lines to emphasize a prioritized object. A focal point is the way an artist draws in the eye of viewers by using lines, colors, shapes to put emphasis or extra attention on what they want you to see. We will start by drawing an animal or object, then use line to put more focus on the object.



4th Grade- Taking a look into Indian culture we admire and are awe struck by Islamic tile work. Typically found within Islamic architecture, tile work is handmade and used to decorate inner buildings to create beautiful mosaics. The detail is immaculate. Much like the intricate tile work, we too will use complex lines, shapes and patterns to create a landscape.


5th Grade- is learning to juxtapose the ordinary to the Extraordinary. We are taking a look into 19th Century American art and discussing “Genre Paintings”. We will have open conversations about artists such as, George Caleb Bingham’s “Fur traders descending the Missouri” and how this implements the concept of ordinary. Because we want to create the opposite of just ordinary, we well create a beloved pet or animal in an extraordinary way. By using inspirational artist, Amy Ringholz, we will create an eye-catching painting in a spectacular way.


Kindie- Colors express feelings. Much like the beloved Pixar Movie “Inside Out” many of our emotions can be represented of impacted by color. Artists will learn to create a snow man and depict them within a way that they are feeling by using color. We will listen to a variety of music as we create, to blend the separation of color, music and emotions.