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Lincoln Meadows

Middle School Dances

For those parents new to the middle school scene, middle school dances are essentially a school social. We try to discourage the kids from asking “dates” or pairing off for these events, and no formal dress is ever required, though the Student Council will sometimes pick an optional fun theme and announce it to their classmates at school. We just want the kids to relax and have fun together!
IMPORTANT: for accountability, health, and legal reasons, these dances are open to currently-enrolled American Academy students ONLY.
Dances typically take place at the student's own campus and are chaperoned by their own middle school teachers. Occasionally, the Student Councils at each campus will opt to plan a cross-campus event; these are chaperoned by American Academy middle school staff from all campuses involved. This year, they will be at your student's campus only - no cross campus.
This year, our dance will take place from 5:00 - 7:00 pm, and we charge a $5.00 admission fee (to cover snacks and a DJ for the evening, as well as to fund raise for student council programs). Students may also purchase pizza for $2 per slice! Please plan to be on time to pick up students after the dance. The teacher chaperones are volunteering their Friday evenings so your students can have a safe and fun place to hang out, and they have already put in a full day of teaching prior to setting up, chaperoning and cleaning up the dances. They are certainly very tired and ready to head home by 7:00 pm and on-time pick-ups are MUCH appreciated!

2022-2023 Lincoln Meadows Middle School Dances

Fall Dance: Friday, November 4th - Theme:  Wild Wild West
Spring Dance: TBD