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Douglas County District Art Show Exhibition

K-12 Visual Art Show


Show Dates:    4/6/18 through 4/9/18


Where:  Hilton Garden Inn 1050 Plaza Drive, Highlands Ranch, CO 80126

Gallery hours 10 AM - 8 PM


Yay! The first rotation (seeing every single student) is almost complete. I am amazed at how many talented and wonderful artists are here at American Academy!
These kiddos have been building up fine motor function skills and I cannot wait to see how far their skill can be pushed.
So far we have touched base on simple art elements (Line, color, shape, value, observation, and application). As time goes on these elements will be threaded throughout their projects as a "concrete base". This means they will use these concepts and build from them.
Here is what we have created this 1st Rotation (K-6):
Bug on a Rug in Crayon and Marker: Sweet little kindies learned about warm and cool colors.Warm colors pop while cool colors relax (recede). We practiced tracing, outlining, and coloring in the lines. They designed their rugs with a pattern and colored them in with cool colors. They traced their bug bodies (or made their own) and decorated them with funky shapes then colored them in with warm colors (hot hot hot and they pop pop pop).
Grade 1
Up, Up, and Away (Drawing of ourselves holding balloons) in Marker and Crayons- My little artists were working on skills like coloring in the lines, drawing big and taking our time. We learned about warm and cool colors. Warm colors pop while cool colors relax (recede).
Grade 2
Landscapes- We learned that landscapes have at least three layers: the foreground, middle ground, and background (there can be many more layers). They were taught how to shade and were required to shade at least two things in their image with shading!
Grade 3
I-Phone Selfies in Colored Pencil and Marker- These artists were practicing drawing from observation, using multiple lines to create an image that looks like themselves. The students were required to show a light source by using shading. The lightest part is closest to the physical light source.
Grade 4
Chinese Lanterns in Colored Pencils- Kiddos learned the history and the purpose of Chinese Lanterns. They used traditional Chinese characters to represent their image and decorate their lanterns. They attempted to 2 tone shade (using two different colors and blending them together). Their lanterns were to go back into space meaning they get smaller as the go back.
Grade 5
Linear Perspective in Colored Pencils- These artists have been working on creating artwork with depth. As things go back into space they become smaller and smaller until they seemingly vanish. Artists are also practicing 2 tone shading (using two colors, and valuing dark to light). 
Grade 6
Realism in Watercolor- We worked on blending with watercolor (by no means is it easy). Observing the ordinary and creating a visual document. Creating art was a way of communicating history. Before written language, visual aids assisted in understanding life stories, daily and basic activity.
Parent/ Teacher Conferences

Elementary Specials Teachers will be in their classrooms on the evenings of conferences.  They would love to invite you stop by with your child who will give you a tour of the classroom, and share their activities and progress in all Specials classes.  Each classroom will take a few minutes.  Please come by on a drop-in basis between the hours of 5 pm and 8 pm on conference evenings.  Don’t forget to visit all content areas with your child (Art, Music, Technology, PE).